Welcome to my blog! =)

This is my blog of some of my 2nd year animations and illustrations during college. I picked the ones that I thought were my best work. I think some I could have done better with a little more time or practice. =P

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Final (Cat n Mouse)

This is my final animation of the semester. I chose to do a mouse outwitting a cat. I think it's pretty cute. :) I really love my mousie.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Group Project (My Scene)

This is a 2D group flash animation where we had to do ten seconds each, thirty seconds in total. This is my scene in the group project in which we chose to do the Dillon character to save from having to learn how to re-draw a new character when we had already had practice using this Dillon character.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Still Life Project

Another Digital Illustration Project in which we had to do a still life theme. I chose to do a lava lamp, martini glass and two little candles in my dorm room.

Fairy Resting

This is my final project in Digital Illustration during first semester. We got to choose whatever we would like to do so I decided to do a pretty picture of a fairy resting on her flower by the water.


This Digital Illustration Project is of different layers of colors called aerial perspective. We had to use different layers of colors to make things look far away or close.

Wolves (day and night versions)

This is a project I did in Digital Illustration. We were to make two of the same picture where one was dark and the other was light, or using different tones of colors. The bottom picture is a night time version of a wolf in the woods in which I just changed the hues of the Wolf during the day time.

Fantasy Project

Wall Fall

Another 2D Flash animation of Dillon. This animation is of a wall fall to show weight and timing, balance and reaction.

Rope Climb

This is my 2D Dillon Flash animation. I chose to do a rope climb animation of this character used to show weight and movement.

My Character-Rigged Final

This is my 3D character final animation. I created this character throughout the semester from scratch, creating blendshapes, making the skeleton, rigging it, animating it and creating the lighting. When I finished making the character, the project was to animate it with a lipsync and another dance.

Blue Guy Dance Project

This is my 3D blue guy dance. We were given this character already rigged and the project was to animate him dancing to a music of our choice to show movement and timing to the music.